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MINIROOS 9,10,11s

FC Bulleen Lions U/9, 10, & 11’s Miniroos Skills Development Program is designed to provide young players, the very best opportunity to develop functional game skills during the “Skill Acquisition Phase” – the second building block years of a child’s playing career.

We have adopted the facets from FFA and the Italian Football Curriculum, as part of a structured pathway in developing our boys and girls, in a fun and safe environment, with particular training emphasis on developing the four core skills –

1) Striking the ball – includes all forms of striking the ball such as short/long passing; shooting and crossing

2) First touch- the most important core skill, in controlling the ball into space to play your next touch, touch away from your opponent, etc

3) 1 v 1 – All moves, feints and accelerations to get past and away from an opponent

4) Running with the ball – at speed to attack space, including techniques for protecting the ball and changing direction.

The program / curriculum is overseen by the accredited AFC/ FFA A Licence, Senior Technical Director, Harry Bingham, along with a number of accredited coaches, who have developed a training curriculum drawing elements from the FFA National Curriculum/Skills Acquisition Program (SAP) & The Italian National Football Curriculum

The program is directed by the dedicated Miniroos U9/10 & 11’s Technical Director, Andrew Andriopoulos, who is accredited with an FFA C Licence, closely providing guidance, support and assistance to coaches. This also  provides your child with the best opportunity to be integrated and involved with a successful Club and provides the ideal pathway towards future selection within the NPL stream. Training requirements are 3 times per week, plus game day. If you have any questions about the program please feel free to contact the club on 9850 4121

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